‘Witchcraft caused my party to fail’ – President Jacob Zuma

South Africa’s President,Jacob Zuma, whose party failed to beat the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) in its Western Cape stronghold, has blamed it all on witchcraft.

Zuma reportedly said;

‘In the last elections I was satisfied that we were taking the Western Cape‚ I even said so. What went wrong? I too can’t tell you. I don’t know‚ [maybe] it’s because of witchcraft, witches practice their craft in different ways” the news site quotes President Zuma as saying that ghosts might even been voting to keep the DA in power.

 ‘I don’t know where they get the luck to win here because people in the majority are not living comfortably. Maybe even ghosts are voting’.

Sowetan Live also reports that Zuma, has been quoted as saying his opponents are ‘using large sums of money‚ in buying people’.

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