I used to give head when I was broke, but now I’m a boss – Huddah Monroe

Kenyan Socialite, Huddah Monroe is grateful to God for giving her the grace and enablement to stop sucking d_cks.

The socialite while addressing her followers on Snapchat and Twitter, has said that she used to suck D-cks before, because she was broke, and can’t afford certain things for herself.

“I don’t suck d_cks! I used to but now I’m a BOSS! My man ain’t getting it”, she wrote on Twitter.

Now, she’s got her own money, and she has stopped. She went further went on to reveal, that her current boyfriend, isn’t receiving head from her some sort.

She also acknowledged God for giving her that freedom: “I always prayed to God for this freedom! Never stop Hustling! Money is freedom, Poverty is slavery!”, she wrote on her snapchat.

Recently, she also revealed she don’t do women, as she’s so in love with the male’s organ.

Writing on her page on the 31st of August, the former BBA star revealed that many women have been approaching her, hence why she chose to set the records straight about her sexuality.

“I miss my KING! And for those who keep asking on my DM! I am not BISEXUAL! I DON’T do WOMEN! I love D–K too much!” said Huddah Monroe.

And to shut down accusations of homophobia, she quickly added, “Most of my friends are GAY 💯and I love them to death but I don’t swing that way with women! Sawa? Thanks . Love you!”

And that was not all.

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Huddah Monroe questioned the rationale behind distant male partners querying the females about the last time they had s-x.

“Why do men ask who did you f–k? Or when’s the last time you had s-x? When you haven’t seen them for a while! That question always pops pops up,” she said, adding, And then I never lie! You just see the hurt on their face.”

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