Top Fashion Must Haves For Every Man

Keeping up with fashion trends can be quite daunting especially for the young and busy male professional. Asides turning up to work in high street fashion shirts and some designer suits, here are a few fashion must-haves that will keep you on the top of your fashion game.

Beach Shorts: These are quite mandatory if you want to maintain a fashion statement over the weekends. From going to the movies to doing routine shopping or even hitting the beach, a pair of Bermuda shorts would go a long way to keep your style game up.

Multicoloured Shirts: The era of monochrome clothing is gradually grinding to a halt. Multicoloured shirts have a way of standing you out from the crowd and which is what you are out for anyway. Wearing boring clothing from Monday through Friday (work days) have earned you the privilege to sparkle over the weekends and you can do so with colour blocking casual shirts or silk patterned shirts and tunics.

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Straight Denim Jeans Trousers: Forget ultra-slim and baggy jeans for a moment. Every man deserves a decent pair of straight denim jeans in his wardrobe. They come in handy for those days you don’t want to look too stylish or you just want to dress smart and comfortably. The best part is that they go very well with all your formal shirts as well as the casual ones.

Comfy Loafers: Once you are off work, please don’t get caught in those boring black shoes. Loafers are cool and classy. Most loafers have their soles made from rubber and so they make less noise when you walk on almost any surface. They fit with a multitude of outfits ranging from formal clothing to shorts and you are under no obligation to wear socks in them.

Traditional wears: As long as you are a man living in Africa especially Nigeria, your days to the next outing where you are required to turn up in a trad are numbered. Good thing is that you can choose to go tailor-made if you have some time in your hands or buy ready-to-wear styles and get them delivered to you in record time. Trads come in a variety of fabrics ranging from cashmere to cotton, and even linen fabric which is very light and suitable for hot weather.

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Tees: Tees with really nice designs or texts are welcomed any day. You can decide to go comedic or pass some certain message without words and tees are aptly suited for such.

While this list is not exhaustive, it will get you very far on your way to being fashionable at all times.

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