Top 8 Male Fashion Trends That Rocked 2016

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Gone are the days when women were the only one who took the spotlight when it came to fashion and slaying. We can all agree 2016 was a good year for the men when it came to over the top fashion, lets do a quick review of the top fashion trends men leaned towards in 2016.

1. Beards:

Of course this would top my list, we now live in an era where keeping a full set of beards is now seen as cool and hip. Gone are the days when shaven and shorn jawlines were the norm. Admittedly the trend started in 2015 but it got more refined in 2016 and with all indication it’s here to stay

2. Ankara shorts:

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Before, people wore more of Ankara trousers but only God knows when they decided to turn it into shorts. It was a cool trend until people started getting too extreme and started making the short above the knee and we all know any dude who’s comfortable wearing an above the knee short is a ___. The only time its acceptable for a dude to wear an above the knee short os when he’s going swimming or if he’s in his house.

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3. Man purse :

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or Murse as our American brothers like to call it. It looks like a purse but it’s a tad bit bigger and has more of a masculine touch. Rocked by mostly the fashionistas this fashion trinket was an accessory that made a statement which was ‘I know my onions when it comes to fashion’.

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