Similarities between Nigerian girls and Nigerian police

Similarities between Nigerian girls and Nigerian police – You may call this female bashing post, but that does not stop it’s the bitter truth in its unclothed-ness.


My encounter with both of them has made me understand they are both synonymous in nature.

Without wasting time. Now let’s analyze what these people share in common

1. Late Coming Attitude If there’s a robbery operation somewhere and you inform the police to come take charge, they will come immediately the robbers must have gone and will start firing guns, tear gas and will start arresting pedestrians. To the ladies, you invite them on a date and they will show up when the waiters are almost driving you out of the eatery or hotel

2. They Are Indecisive Yes they are both indecisive. Take for example, policemen arrested you for something you were not guilty of, and they swore with their lives that not even President Buhari will make them let go off you. They same people will later reach an agreement with you on a condition that you should endeavour to dance to their tune. To the Ladies, they may be dating a guy and they must have sworn with their lives that only death can separate them. The same ladies will dump your a$$ for a guy the barely know probably because of his financial standings

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3. They Become Unnecessarily Friendly To The Rich We don’t need T. B Joshua to tell us that, these people love money to the extent that, If you are that broke guy aspiring to be the best amongst your equals. Even if you are a PhD holder and you are poor, these people can make you attempt suicide because they are quick to ridicule and mouth trash you even if you are on your right; but the moment they notice you are rich, they will start laughing hysterically at every word that comes out of your mouth, even if you are as boring as Bob Manuel Udoku

4. They Are Both At Receiving End Just we know that our policemen men are always at the receiving end, so are our ladies. Take for example, a policeman visits you; he expects you to at least squeeze some naira notes into his pocket, and when you visit him; he still expects you to do the same. So are many ladies too.

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5. They Easily Suspect A person And Jump To Conclusion I guess you might have at a point in time been hara$$ed by policemen who had no evidence against you, yet inflicted pains on you. Take for example, you drove your pop’s car and policemen stopped you at the junction. After presenting the documents of the car to them and conspicuously, they found out that the car actually belongs to your dad not you. They will still keep insisting that you actually stole the car. To the ladies, they will read your chat history and quickly presume you are dating a lady who enjoys chatting with you, even without seeing flirtacious messages


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