Remarkable! Thailand bride wore 7 dresses on her wedding day

Noey Chotika, who is an actress, began the mini-fashion show with a gorgeous white, princess gown for her engagement party which, according to Yahoo, took  place two weeks before her wedding.

This lucky bride then literally took wedding appearances six steps further, as she wore six more dresses for her wedding celebrations which took [suspense pause] 14 days.

Yep! She had a two-week wedding. [Forget recession, abeg]

The first dress was a huge white one, with puff sleeves, and designed with an overabundance of tulle, and a long veil.

Then the princess look was completed with a flower crown… a fairy-tale dress that will make even the most indifferent of us crow with admiration.

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She then pulled on number two at that same party- a pale pink dress with a thoroughly embroidered design.

For her third wonder, she went for a breathtaking ornate top and skirt combo in a gorgeous blush shade of pink.

The next dress, worn at her traditional Thai wedding was beautifully ornamented, off the shoulder and rounded off with a huge jewel necklace and a broach.

Paired with her bridesmaids’ matching pink dresses, the group looked quite the part of a really lavish wedding. Mind you, there were 13 bridesmaids. THIRTEEN!

Up next was the was a backless, beaded dress just to take wedding pictures.

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Just when it looked as if it couldn’t get any better, Chotika stepped out in another jawdropping gown for her wedding proper.

A Zuhair Murad gown with an incredible long-sleeved lace bodice, a veil to match, and a massive princess skirt.

And just so that things could end with a sparkle, the bride of seven dresses completed the trick with a silvery dress.

The whole of her 13 bridesmaids also changing into sparkly silver crop tops that displayed the names of Chotika and her new husband.

Wedding memories are forever, and this is one heck of a blissful memory to have for the rest of one’s life.

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