Please help me : My Very flat ass, has landed me into a big problem

flat3Please help me . I use to have a very flat ass, that people mock me every time I pass,I became very ashamed and started looking for solution , until I met one gal who introduced me to one cream I was rubbing that increased my ass . I have been rocking my ass for few months now until I started noticing puse coming out from my ass , I used Vaseline but it got worse , so I ignored but noticed that one part of my ass was swelling , I went to the hospital and the bill was too much , so I started using foam to pad up the other ass, the puse started opening and smelling badly , so I carry perfume every where I go . Now another person is asking me to mix my urine and excreta and be rubbing on my ass , my question now is which one will smell most . I tried it and it’s working like magic but the smell is so bad that I vomit myself .

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Please I need help please . Any solution apart from Medicals , cause I am not buoyant enough for all the check ups and operation . Herbal solution please .

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