Please Advise!! My Sister is Obsessed With Me, She Hates and Chases All My Lovers Away – Man Cries Out

A man has cried out for help against the obsessive and aggressive nature of his sister who has fought and chased away all the girls he brought home.

Bheki Msheba is a grown man but he claims his sister is the judge and jury over every woman he brings home! According to DailySun SA, Msheba has been struggling to please her as she chased his last two girlfriends away. The sister is obsessed with the brother and does everything she can to control his life.

Bheki (42), from Phiri in Soweto, doesn’t know what to do because this time round, his sister, Mbali Msheba (31), allegedly attacked his girlfriend, Mpho Tshwane (25). This is the third girlfriend he is bringing home that the sisters wants to chase away.

Things went out of hand after Mpho and Bheki called Daily Sun to come and see where Mbali had allegedly stabbed her.

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According to what they told DailySun, Bheki’s sister grabbed a broken bottle and tried to stab the pregnant girlfriend in the stomach.

When Mpho tried to block the blow, she was stabbed in the hand. Bheki and Mpho opened a case of assault at Moroka Police Station and Mbali was arrested. She is out on bail.

Mpho claimed Bheki’s sister is heartless.“She is cruel. She wanted me to lose my child. She said she will never give up until I leave,” claimed Mpho.

“She calls me names and swears at me. What does she expect me to do with my child? Bheki is the father.”

Bheki says his sister is the only girl in the family and she wants to control everything.

“I’m not going to allow her to do that anymore,” said Bheki. “My two previous girlfriends left because of her,” he claimed.“They got tired of her treatment and left. This time she can go to hell.”

Bheki is living with his girlfriend at the family house in Phiri. He said he is worried about the safety of his girlfriend as she’s going to give birth soon.

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“Whether she likes it or not, I’m going to marry Mpho. I’m tired of being controlled by her.”

Daily Sun contacted Mbali, who said as long as her brother chooses Basotho women, she will never approve of them as makotis.

“My brother loves women from Lesotho and they like to take over the family house. I won’t let that happen. That house belongs to my gogo,” she said.

“I don’t know why men love women from Lesotho.”

Asked why she allegedly stabbed the woman, she claimed she was defending herself.

“The case is being handled by police and will be going to court again soon,” said Mbali.


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