How Not To Go Wrong With Colours

chic-and-colorfulBefore you venture into bight bold colours, you need ample supply of confidence. You also need to have a good eye for colour to balance bold bright pieces OR stay safe with the simpler approach.

Playing with colours has become the most famous trend ever but some people still don’t get how that works, and they end up looking like a clown. Hey, what are am I here for? ?If not to help you out.

Here are some tips on how not to go wrong with colours.

To be on the safe side, don’t use more than three colours: Colours are supposed to make you look good and brighten your skin complexion but when its too much, it becomes too busy and causes alot of distraction, people tends to see the colours alone instead of you especially if they are shouty.

Choose a dominant colour and use others to adorn it: Dominant colour is like a major colour in your ensembles. When a neutral colour example white, black, gray, etc is your dominant colour you use other colours from the rainbow to adorn it.

Monotonous looks are gradually coming into trend but if you do not have attitude to pull that off, stay clear and break it down with other colours.

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Adapt the colour of your body, there are areas of your body you really don’t want people to notice, use darker colours on that area and brighter colours on the areas you want to show off.

If you want to use flashy accessories, stick with the basic and neutral colours. Example A black jumpsuit can take a golden shoe and purse.

I hope this helps. GO ahead and play with the clothes in your closet, become the mix master and create amazing looks for yourself. Fashion is an art become an artist.

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