“My marriage is about to crash — See what my wife did”

Culled From Nairaland. Read his story below:

Great morning to you all, of recent, have been suspecting my wife. She suddenly asked me for over 2million to pay rent for a new place to continue her biz, in which I declined for good reasons, because the place I had set up for her is just a year old and I spent a lot on another mans property, yet no profit has even come out of the biz to even say it services part of the family’s responsibility.

Knowing fully well I rarely say no to her request, she felt more bad that I insisted on the decline. Infact she told me she was going to take a loan, I said if she does, my hand nor dey there, I said she should have patience like a year more that I will finance it, but she keeps saying the vacancy she saw is an opportunity that she does not want to lose it, I still maintained my decision of declining.

One night, she said she’ll need my psychological support on the loan she wants to take, I replied that I cannot offer psych support on what I disagree upon, then she said I dont want to help her at all, that how much did I even spend for the first business, that is it up to 2 million, in which I spent more than. At that moment, I knew the wife I married was an ungrateful one, I just told her point blank that she should go for the loan and loan more to fix the place and buy everything she needs, then after she repays the loan, I’ll blv shes a true business man and that I’ll financially support anything she decides to do thereafter. She said well, I am scared of the loan, but she’ll by whatever means get the money, I replied saying, whatever means u plan on getting it, make sure its clean.

Few days after, I figured out shes no longer interested in orgasm during sex, she just gives me and thats it, I already knew shes probably thinking too much and overworking herself to bring about a solution to where the money was gonna come out from, so I asked her why she has not been interested in orgasm, she said I should know that shes been working on some “BLOW JOBS” say what? She said u know have been working on some projects to get money to continue the biz, I said but u just said Blow Job, she no I didnt say anything as such… If I lie make i nor see better, that was what came outta her mouth, but I am not concluding anything, just that its strange for such mistake to have been spewed. Though I got suspicious and decided to follow up on her.

She has been talking to someone in secret, when she sees me she stylishly and quickly hang up. So I decided to make a very risky and rash move, that would either pay off, or ruin things. I yelled I know what u have been doing, you are a hoe that can never be trusted, that I think am done with this marriage.

She got really worried that why would i call her such bla bla, she could not sleep that day, that gave me more reason to feel sumtin is probably going down, next day she sends me a text saying for me to keep calling her a hoe that she must have done something that warrants itm but she does not want to be referred ti as that anymore, and there is something am not telling her though.

I told her, I will break the news of what I know when the time is right, she then replied after two days of emotional trauma that she has finally decided to take the bold step to make my life and hers easy, she dont intend to create no drama, that all she needs me to do to avoid her getting any embarrassment from me, (what she meant is not letting people know why am calling her a hoe) is she wants me to let her know the terms and conditions with the kids and any other thing i think she should know before-hand. She also stated she would have loved to stay for her kids, but her emotions and health is failing her.

Though I took a big risk, but isnt my confrontation with just 40% proof brought about a revelation that something has indeed happened from her response? I need candid response here as I am about to take my own decision, I cant stand a cheating wife biko.

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