LADIES: How To Apply Lipstick Like A Pro

apply-lipstick-like-a-pro-met-daan-1446197569c4pl8Ever seen ladies looking great with their lipstick and wonder how they did it? Well, wonder no more, learn how to apply your lippy like a professional with these five easy steps.

A pro applies lipstick in five basic steps, but putting on lipstick is the very least of it.

Prepare your lips: Gently go over your lips with a soft toothbrush to remove any rough or loose skin. When you apply moisturizer to your face, massage a little into your lips as well. Don’t, however, use lip balm, since this would impair the indelibility of your lip makeup.

Lip primer: The best base for lipstick is foundation. It’s full of moisturizing agents, it evens out lip color, helps lipstick stay on longer, and prevents colour changes during hot weather when lipstick gets warm, its base substances separate from its pigment, causing its color to change while you’re wearing it. Products sold specifically as “lip primer” are only useful if you’re not wearing foundation.

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Lip liner: Apart from defining the shape of your lips, lip liner also keeps your lipstick from feathering or “bleeding”. If you look closely, you’ll see that your lips have a natural white contour. Use this as a guide when you apply lip liner. It doesn’t matter how you apply whether from left to right, right to left or corner to center as long as you apply accurately. Your lip liner should be the exact same color as your lipstick. You may find it difficult to find one that matches peach, apricot or coral toned lipsticks, but an eyebrow pencil in a light, warm brown also does the job. For sanitary reasons, and to ensure that it draws a defined, long lasting outline, make sure your lip liner pencil is always sharpened.

Powder your lip liner: A light dusting of powder gives lip liner extra staying power. Pick up a tiny amount of loose translucent powder with a cotton pad, curl it around your middle finger and press it against the back of your hand to remove excess, then carefully roll it over your lip liner. It’s important that you don’t apply too much powder, or your lip liner will appear blurred.

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Apply lipstick: Your lipstick should cover your lip liner exactly. For accuracy, apply with a lip brush. This gives a more even and precise application than directly from the tube, and helps your lipstick stay on longer. Once you’ve applied a first coat, blot with a cosmetic tissue, then add a second coat and blot again. Layering lipstick in this way makes it last longer. Always be sure to blot your lips before adding lip gloss, too.

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