“Home training is a scam, I want to start my sugar daddy business” – Lady On Twitter Rants

A Twitter gyal is currently raving at the moment after she made the declaration of ‘home training being a scam’ as she plans to ditch all of it to become a runs girl.

She’s decided to walk down this path after discovering the amount of money some of her peers make, just by ‘servicing’ this so-called sugar daddies – according to her, one of her friends made an accumulated sum of N2m in months in course of this business; an amount most workers don’t even make up to in a year.

The lady got different reactions from other young ladies who stated the woes of maintaining a sugar daddy – as they say it is risky and most girls loose their life’s to Ritualists, their destinies offered as burnt offerings to blood thirsty Altars and all – and still yet, some young girls still want to engage in the sugar daddy business.

What are your thoughts on this though? Sugar daddy business; lucrative business? Will you engage in it?

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