“Help! A Spirit Husband is Wrecking My Life”

“My name is Nancy and I am from a tribe in the southern part of Nigeria where spirit worship reigned supreme in the past but with he coming of Christianity, most families have now changed their ways while some still indulge in such traditions.

Every now and then, a maiden is chosen to be the spiritual queen and she is not supposed to get married to any physical man as she would be married to the spirit husband.

I was in secondary school when the chief priest told my parents that I have been chosen as the maiden to marry the spirit being but my parents, being staunch Christians, said they would never accept that their only daughter be married to a spirit husband.

We prayed seriously about it and a prophet that my parents took me to carried out some assignments on me and told me the bond between me and the spirit husband has been broken.

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But all through my university days, I never had any serious relationship as the guys that asked me out always kept away from me few days later.

Three years after I graduated, I went into a relationship with a young man who wanted to marry me but just some months to the wedding, he died in his sleep.

Doctors said he died of cardiac arrest but I had my doubts. Some years later, I decided to give myself another shot and got engaged with another man who really wanted to marry me.

We did our introduction in my village but in the night while sleeping in his hotel room, my husband screamed that someone was snuffing life out of him. Before help could come, he was dead.

The following day, the chief priest came to my parents to say that we would not have peace if I continued to refuse to surrender myself to the spirit being who he said is the protector of the tribe.

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I am now 46-years-old and life has been a torment for me as every night, the spirit husband comes to rape me as well as killing any man that wants to marry me.

I have gone to strong prophets and native doctors but none has been of help.

Is there anyone out there who can help out?



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