“Five Ways To Avoid Being Robbed In Lagos This Christmas”


The Xmas in Lagos could get a little rough as regards criminal activities. There are some who will be looking to make some quick cash by robbing and stealing from others.

On Lagos roads it is vital to remember this age old injunction ‘Shine Your Eye’, this is because like every major city in the world, mingling with honest people going about their everyday businesses are thieves and pickpockets ready to rid you of your possessions and valuables.
For this reason you need to be extra vigilant and careful so that you do not fall prey to their schemes.

To a great extent, the average Lagosian already knows all or some of these schemes, however, for the people who are new to Lagos, the following tips are vital to surviving fast thieving hands.

The following are 5 tips you might find useful in ensuring that these tricksters do not get the better of you.

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Keep Your Hand On Your Valuables Always

For most people going about their daily life, their wallets contain their valuables, and this is usually in their pockets or for the ladies in their handbags. While walking especially in crowded spaces, always keep your hand firmly in your pocket and on your handbag. Not too obviously, to avoid drawing undue attention to yourself.

Avoid Crowded Bus Stops And Junctions

This might seem like an impossible task as Lagos is crowded in most places and at most times. However, try as much as possible to avoid crowded spaces. Bus stops are prime hunting grounds for pickpockets, so keep your eyes open around you in such places. Watch out for people pressing too close to you, even if they look like they have legitimate reasons for doing so.

Stay Vigilant If You Must Rush To Bard A Bus

The madness of Lagos living has made it compulsory that at least once in a while you might have to run and struggle with others to board a bus, especially at rush hours. Most thieves wait for such opportunities; they join the surging crowd and pick off valuables. So while it is recommended that you avoid joining the mad rush, if you must, ensure that you are vigilant and hold on tight to your valuables.

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Do Not Embrace Strangers Or Allow Them Touch You

Individualistic lifestyles are a trademark of huge commercial centers. So it is possible that you run into a distant relative while going about your daily business, however a word of caution is in order. Unless you do really recognize the person in question, do not accept hugs or allow them touch you. Pretending to be a relative and picking the pockets of people during hugs and handshakes is one of the ingenious means the thieves have developed.

Avoid Walking Between Parked Vehicles

The narrow spaces between parked vehicles might seem like a tempting alternative to the main road, either as a short cut or to relieve one’s self, however it is also a danger. Thieves lurk in these hidden corners and have been known to surprise unsuspecting people with knives and guns, before relieving them of their valuables.


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