Eight Fashion Tips All Men Must Follow

This article isn’t for fashionista’s or stylists, it’s for every man who wears clothes..be it Agbada, be it traditional outfits or even those crazy outfits models wear on the runway that no one ever wears in real life. It basically boils down to grooming, being neat and keeping it simple.

1. DEODORANT IS YOUR FRIEND: Please, save you and everyone around you the misery or your unbearable odor.

2. BUT DON’T BE OVERLY FRIENDLY WITH PERFUMES: We all know that ungodly cologne-drenched smell. Three sprays—one on your neck, one on your chest, and one on your stomach. Done.

3. FINGERNAILS AND TOENAILS: Not saying you gentlemen need a mani and pedi, but good Lord, trust me on this one, women do not think it’s attractive to have long, dirty nails. Keep them fresh, cut, and clean just like anything else on you.

4. YOUR EYEBROWS ALSO MATTER: You were given TWO of them.

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5. YOUR SMILE SHOULD BE YOUR SELLING POINT: If you’re not taking care of your teeth, your ability to pull in women will vanish. A woman loves a man with a good smile, which doesn’t mean you need perfect, straight, white teeth. It just means you need to brush and floss.

6. EXERCISING GOES A LONG WAY: There are enough reasons to go out and do something and no reason for you not to get up and exercise. If you’re insecure because of your weight, your skinniness, or just in general, you can build confidence through exercise. Not only will your confidence increase, but your health will, too!

7. YOUR BELT AND SHOES MUST MATCH: Easy, but also easy to ignore. When dressing up, make sure your belt is roughly the same color as your shoes. Brown with brown, black with black. When you don’t match, your appearance screams, “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m here.”

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8. PLEASE DON’T WEAR PARACHUTE OR TOO TIGHT CLOTHES: Men, tailors are your best friends. Our body types are usually imperfect compared to the ones hanging on the clothes rack in department stores. Get it fitted. You’ll look good and feel good.

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