Crucial Tips For Couples Who Can’t Stop Breaking-Up And Patching-Up

Most relationships go through the cycle of fighting, breaking up then making up again after a while.

This kind of relationship can so exhausting and it is not good for couples if you are the type that you break up and patch up with your partner all the time then this article is for you.

Don’t speak badly about your partner with your friends: It is normal during break up, you will want to tell your friends what went down but refrain from speaking badly of your partner with your friends as it will poison their minds about your partner.It is best you don’t discuss your relationship problems with friends and family so they won’t use it against your partner when you both eventually make up.

You should know when to call the relationship off: “Doing too much of back and forth can risk your relationship, it is subjective but the longer you repeat the cycle, the longer you go on hurting each other”. Most people keep trying to patch things and make the relationship but only keep hurting each other at the end of the day, so know when you have to let go.

Be ready to take responsibility: “You will never be able to be aware of your own faults if you continue to blame your partner for the issues if you really want to improve your relationship and want things to work it is high time that you take the responsibility”. Stop putting all the blames on your partner, find out what is really affecting your relationship and discuss things with your partner without turning it to a fight.

Be careful of warning signs: “You may break up with your partner when you feel that you cannot handle things further but the cycle of frustration continues once you get back”. If you can’t cope with the difference between you and your partner then it is time to move on.

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