“She constantly DM’ed me for 2 months, But I Ignored” — Nigerian Guy shows off his Oyinbo Girlfriend

A Nigerian Guy on Facebook Identified as Omega Humez has showed off his lover, a white woman, whom he revealed took the first step.

Omega revealed the ladu continuosly buzzed him for almost 2 months, without him giving her a reply.. But later on, he finally did, and here they are today.. HAPPY TOGETHER.

He shared loved up photos and wrote;

Photo: Facebook/Omega Humez


Do NOT look down on him now because he has nothing… Tomorrow is very pregnant!
You can actually build an empire Together”! #GrowTogether #TurnItUp ADMIRAL C4C
#ChristAnna2018➡🔜 LOADING!

To all those so called BIG or “POSH” girls that will never say “HI” to a brother you deeply admire but bottle up your feelings to the graves!

“SHE FOUND ME HERE ON FACEBOOK and said “HI” continuously for almost 2 months! before she got the first response.
THEN: “I can remember vividly the first time I kissed her. I told her I would love to kiss ’em lips for the rest of my days.

NOW: (Almost six years After) Despite our differences and all our shortcomings… Not only do I still kiss em lips, I guess our neighbors are tired of the”moaning”and screams of “oooooo..aaaaaghhh” they have to deal with EVERY SINGLE NIGHT”! #WiskoloWiska!- ADMIRAL C4C

*Oya go and tell your Daddy G.O*#ChristAnna2018➡🔜 LOADING!
(Under 18.. close your eyes! )

Photo: Facebook/Omega Humez

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