Billionaire wife, Dabota Lawson uses Bible references to give haters the middle finger

Last week, ex-billionaire wife Dabota Lawson debunked reports of stealing and copyright infringement. Reports that her cosmetics company ‘Dabota Cosmetics‘ under Billionaire Wife Ltd, was being sued for copyright infringement by Natural Dermis Skin Care had taken the internet by storm.

She has now shaken off the dust of the scandal, and using scriptural references, gave unnamed ‘haters’ the middle finger.

Read below

David was anointed by grace, and had become confident in grace.Then through mighty exploits he was established by grace, but it didn’t come without hardship.

David is made commander of Saul’s army and then he becomes Saul’s son-in-law when he marries Saul’s daughter.

A young shepherd boy , the least of his brothers, a chief in Saul’s army and living in the palace ,married to a princess ? Questions that probably stirred up a lot of jealousy and concern *

Still the fact remains he was Established, happy and Content because of God’s grace.

So understand that when you are given prominence and favor. When you are honored not because of what you have done, but because of God’s grace , people will despise you.

Some will be jealous and obsessed with destroying and discrediting you.

In this kind of situation there is an opportunity to grow in grace. You can become a vessel of grace.When you are established by grace , you are the recipient of grace . But when you are gracious and kind to the people who are trying to destroy you , you become a vessel of the same grace that established you.

You become the heart of God in that person’s life as David was to Saul .
From the book : God’s Breath by Landon Gerard .. #goodreads #thankful #blessed #riseaboveall #WhenTheyGoLowWeGoHigh

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