5 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship Is Built To Last (Or If It’s Going To Fizzle Out)

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Trust your instincts — and your experience.

I often talk to people riddled with angst over whether all is going well in their romantic partnership.

For example, Katelyn told me, “I just hope everything is okay with my boyfriend; I never know for sure. I love hanging out with him but then when I don’t see him I feel completely disconnected and worry he is out with other women. I try to talk to him about it, and he gets angry with me. He says I’m overly sensitive, and that I need to give him his space. I need to be more secure and less emotional.”

And Simon revealed, “I’ve been married for seven years and I don’t want to leave my wife. But I always feel like I’m on eggshells, as if I can’t be myself or she will explode. I stopped doing hobbies and hanging out with friends. All I do is worry about what my wife will think or not think about my actions.

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When I try to talk to her she turns the tables and tells me how I have let her down. I think I need to try harder to be what she expects me to be, but I can’t crack the code to keep her happy.”

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