4 Ways To Know When A Nigerian Girl Is Just After Your Money

It is a well known cliche that most Nigerian girls are drawn to money. Gifts, vacations, shopping sprees., most Nigerian girls want a life they can advertise on instagram. And they want it now. What is less known is how to identify a lady who is drawn to you only by what she thinks you can offer her.

Without further ado, here are ways you can identify if she’s drawn to you only for material possessions…or money.

1. She’s A “slay queen”: Guys, this is very practical. You see that girl with over 2,000 followers on instagram while you are managing 100? The one that cannot post picture without her cleavage showing? The one who is always advertising her thighs for all to see? She is always using the hash tag #pepperdemgang. She is advertising for a reason. She is hunting. That hair and those shoes she is wearing, they didn’t come cheap. The monies spent to get them must be replaced. And who better than you, who has been fawning over her pictures.

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2. She Has At Least 3 Ex Lovers: “At least” used in the sentence was not done mistakenly. Every Nigerian girl nowadays, after they open up with you about not being virgins, they go on to say that they have slept with just two or three guys. It might be true in some cases but in most cases, bro, it’s not. These types are usually not in it for the long haul. And even if they want the marriage it is for the occasion, the celebration, and not for want of being with you.
They want the title of Mrs but they avoid they tag of “wife”.

3. She Would Start Behaving Weird When She Askes For Money And You Don’t Have: Or you say you don’t have. Next time a girl you have been spending money on askes you for money, say you don’t have and watch her reaction. Her phone screens are always breaking, or another time it would be that she has to buy aso ebi.
Better don’t fall for all these tricks. I am not saying you should be stingy, I am saying you should be discerning and sharp. You might be feeding her and she is running shows with another guy; ladies can be slimy like that.

4. She’s Materialistic: For me, vain girls are the easiest to handle. Because if you are a sharp guy you’ll know exactly what buttons to press. A materialistic lady is only after one thing, the glitz and glamour of being with you. Would dates be plentiful? Would you see to her every need?
In her head she doesn’t care where your money comes from only that it should be available to spend. And if you are not spending she would start to make you feel not man enough by trying to emotionally manipulate you.
Don’t fall for it.

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Find you a girl who appreciates your portmanteau, your “Lois Veaton” suit, and your weather beaten Volvo.


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