13 Fashion Mistakes We Are Tired Of Seeing Nigerian Men Commit

I know i’m no Denola Grey or Noble Igwe when it comes to fashion but some things just have to be said. So this weekend i went for my first Igbo wedding and what my eyes saw could not be unseen (The groom wore a bright green colored coat(not suit…coat) and some of the guest dressed as if they were auditioning to be in a Kcee young thug music video).  We all know when it comes to Nigerian men and fashion Igbo men like to be so extra (eg. Noble Igwe when he wore those extra short shorts that made him look like a ___). Anyways below are 13 popular fashion mistakes we are tired of seeing Nigerian men make

1. WEARING WHITE JEANS: I saw a lot of these when I served in the north. Those Hausa boys would see celebs like Kcee wear such on TV and assume all of us in Lagos dress like that. Solution: When choosing jean colors, choose from the basic and dark colors like black, blue, dark blue, grey etc. They will help make you look classic.

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2. RED, ORANGE, PURPLE JEANS: This one is a fashion mistake mostly teens make, done by mostly people who go for jamb and WAEC lessons. They dress like peacocks thinking it would impress girls. This relates to the above point. Don’t choose bright colors for your jeans; basic colors are enough to make you look sophisticated and attractive.

3. SAGGING: Nobody wants to see the boxers you are wearing everywhere you go out, so please pull up your pants.

4.  TOO MUCH JEWELRY: I’m referring to Igbo men and yahoo boys. Unless you’re being featured on a gangster rap music video with Young Thug, please avoid large jewelry and limit the pieces to 1-2 in total.

5. WEARING SINGLETS OUTSIDE (WIFE BEATERS): Wife beater is what Nigerians call singlets. I was about to say you’re not a bus conductor but that would be unfair because not all bus conductors dress like that.

6. JEANS THAT ARE VERY LONG: Jeans are not meant to be worn in a way where your shoes trap them with every step. If you value your looks, jean quality, and money, avoid buying jeans that are beyond your pant-length.

7. BELTS AND SHOES THAT DON’T MATCH: Don’t wear brown belts with black shoes and vice versa. Solution: Belts and shoes must be the same color, and if you can, match the material too.

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8. WEARING THE WRONG UNDERSHIRT FOR YOUR SHIRT: Instead of wearing crew neck t-shirts under your dress shirts, opt for a v-neck that will accentuate your dress shirt style. You don’t want a crew neck filling in the gap between your dress shirt and your upper chest.

9. SANDALS AND SOCKS: It is simply ugly; I don’t have more to say about it. Sandals are meant to be worn with bare feet. If your feet are not parts of your body that you are comfortable showing, then avoid open toe shoes.

10. EXTRA LONG VNECK SHIRTS: Oh, how much I hate these t-shirts. Please for the sake of your fashion sense, and also humanity, don’t wear these.

11. OVERWEIGHT GUYS WEARING SKINNY JEANS: Wearing skinny jeans while you are overweight will likely attract more attention to the fact, and it will most likely bring down your self-esteem. Solution: buy yourself a pair of jeans that will flatter your body.

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12. POPPING COLLARS: Again, you are not being featured in a music video, so fold that collar back in its place. It’s that simple.

13. TOO MUCH HAIR PRODUCT: Too much hair product will make your hair look unintentionally greasy and over the top.

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