10 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Making You Depressed (No #8 & #9 are red flags)

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Don’t ignore these red flags.

What are the signs of depression and the signs of a relationship that is likely to create depression? How can you tell if you are suffering from depression in a relationship?

Depression can feel like you’re under a perpetual dark cloud. Depression can cause you to feel in a grey or grumpy mood. You may feel heavy, tired, and without interest in activities you usually enjoy. Depression also causes uncharacteristically negative thoughts about yourself, others and your future.

Depression can come from a disorder of power. It also can come from a messages from someone you care about that wounds your self-regard. If you are feeling powerless and/or hurt in a relationship, either in general or because of a particular event that happened, odds are high that depression will creep into your emotional state.

Here are 10 signs there’s potential for you to slip into a depressive funk. Instead of ignoring these red flags, think about what you can do differently to prevent them from knocking you down.​

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