10 common mistakes we all do when negotiating our salaries

Discussion of the salary during the interview is the most difficult episode of your dialogue with the outsourcer. We will try to help you to avoid and prevent the most widespread mistakes in the discussion of cash consideration.

The financial issue has spoiled more than one hundred of working relationships. Unfortunately, many managers had a steady misleading – if the employee copes well with his or her responsibilities, then everything is fine, person is happy and changing anything, especially improving, it is not necessary. Meanwhile, really it may mean that employee is already fed up with situation, because his efforts are not appreciated properly. So that is why it is extremely important to discuss the salary during the first interview and avoid common mistakes.

The first mistake.

“How many?”. You should not ask the employer about the salary at the beginning of your conversation. You would show him your interest only in money, not in professional growth and long-term projects. It is assumed that once you are offered a little higher wage, then you will immediately be taken to another firm. Begin the discussion of the issue of payment until the end of the colloquy.

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10 common mistakes we all do when negotiating our salaries

The second mistake.

“I feel uncomfortable asking about the occupational earnings.”

Do not ignore the question of wages. If the job bae posting says nothing about the salary, and the employer does not raise the topic during the interview, then at the end of the conversation you should gently move to the discussion of monetary compensation.If the applicant is not interested in the value of wage, it says the employer about his distraction and shyness. Those people usually agree to get any money. Such candidates are either screened out or recruited on unfavourable terms.

The third mistake.

“How many you can give?” You should not avoid answering the question: “What salary would you like to receive?”.

There is the question of the applicants, who are afraid of “selling too cheap.” You are not on the market. Employers are quite annoyed by this phrase. He will assume that you do not know what you want, and therefore are not prepared for the interview. Determine in advance the level of wages on the labour market which matches your skills.

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The fourth mistake.

“Please, just hire me, I agree to get any money you suggest.” Do not underestimate the value of your skills and capabilities. It shows your desperation, and it is important to remember that desperate candidate is not the best choice. If you agree to get a cut payment, ith the respect to the salary, specified in the vacancy announcement, and the suggested work is interesting and pro 14c2 mising for you, you should diplomatically explain your accommodating.

10 common mistakes we all do when negotiating our salaries

The fifth mistake.

“Please repeat, how much did you say?”. Contrary to the fourth error, you should not raise their salary expectations. The employer is well-versed in the wage market. If you want to get more, you are to give detailed arguments for this. And of course, remember the line of the proposed work and remuneration.

The sixth mistake.

If you really want to get the job, do not be too talkative. Wait until your interlocutor begins the conversation.

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The seventh mistake.

Do not be too fast with your answer. Ask some time to think about the post and your wishes. Think about all the advantages and disadvantages of the firm. And only then give your answer.

10 common mistakes we all do when negotiating our salaries

The eighth mistake.

Do not try to look cleverer than you really are. Being yourself is the best idea for the first job interview.

The ninth mistake.

Arrange your meetings as late as it is possible. People would be tired, and would agree on any your suggestions just to have a rest already.

Finally, The tenth mistake.

It is very important to know in advance what you are going to ask about during the conversation.


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